Business trip to Beijing -vol. 1

I intended to update this blog real time while I was in Beijing. However, I could not access to my blog, because the server I am renting has a filter for any IP addresses outside Japan. I forgot to turn it off.

So, I am back in Japan, writing this post while trying to recall everything in Beijing.

Day 1 (September 17, Saturday)

Since the flight bound to Beijing was 9 o’clock, no express train “Haruka” was available to be at the airport on time. I took the first JR train to go to Umeda, and took a limousine bus to Kansai International Airport. My bus arrived at the airport a few minutes before 7 o’clock. The airport was already jam packed by many tourists, because it was the last day of 3-day mid autumn vacation in China and was the first day of a long weekend.

But, without any significant delay, I was on the plane. The flight to Beijing was extremely unpleasant.. The air turbulence shook the entire plane so bad that some passengers nearby where I was seated screamed from the fear that the plane might crush. Later on, I asked my colleagues took different flights to Beijing if their flights were as bad as mine. I guess it was only my flight that shook really bad.

Anyhow, I was in Beijing, ALIVE! After picking up my baggage, I met one of my colleague from Tokyo, and took cab to Beijing JingYi Hotel.

The picture of the lobby of Beijing JingYi hotel, seen right after going through the main entrance. To the right of this picture is the check in counter.

This hotel located in Zhong Guan village of Haidiang ward is our favorite hotel in Beijing, which we use every time we make a business trip to Beijing. The prices are reasonable, and the location is awesome for people like us who are in the field of Intellectual Property. However, if you are in Beijing for sightseeing, there could be other hotels more conveniently located.

After checking in, two of us went our rooms and took a break until the arrival of two other colleagues from Osaka, Japan. Since the bank nearby the hotel was open, I went there to exchange some JPY to RMB. Yes, banks in China may be open even during a weekend, well.. at least those in downtown Beijing. This is pretty convenient.


image Two other colleagues safely arrived Beijing. After meeting them at the hotel, we hit the road to eat dinner. The dinner of the first night in Beijing was a Hot Pot restaurant nearby our Hotel. This restaurant is quite popular for their Hot Pot served in traditional way. A founder of an IP law firm nearby the restaurant brought me here and bought me dinner once before. So this was the second time for me.

The taste was, without questioning, awesome. The weather quickly changed while we ate dinner there; rain started to fall heavily, with some thunder rolling.

Celebrating the safe arrival of all of us in Beijing, we feasted on the Hot Pot, to well prepare a tough schedule to start the next day.


By the time we left the restaurant, the rain got somewhat calmed, yet was a bit too heavy for going back to the hotel without an umbrella. We went bed as soon as we got back to the hotel to get rest well. The night time in Beijing was already chilling.


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